What should I expect from RESTGU Guide?

One of the primary objectives of restaurant owners and managers is to help their staffs make the right decisions, in terms of attending to every customer, while at the same time they are able to improve efficiency and productivity. 
In RESTGU Guide, we started with the restaurant structure and concept, and then we explained all food and beverage services. These include the important information about the principles of cleaning (personal and basic hygiene) and cleaning the restaurant. Health and safety are crucial, so that is why we have a complete chapter to cover the basics. 
We proceeded to setting-up or preparing for service, which includes using a tray, carrying and cleaning tableware, caring for customers, taking an order and placing orders with the kitchen and bar. The art of serving is a vital component of customer service. Therefore, staffs should be aware of the right protocol and techniques. With RESTGU Guide, you will learn how to serve food, wine, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, including the tips in preparing and serving buffets. 
Complaints! No one like them. However, a complaint represents an opportunity and not a threat. Proper handling of complaints builds goodwill, because clients will continue to talk about you and your business to potential clients, which can help increase customers and maximize profit. Therefore, we address the handling of complaints in a separate chapter since it is important. Every restaurant owner, manager and staff member must realize that proper handling of customers’ complaints is one of the major factors that determine the success of the business. 
Finally, RESTGU guide will address most of aspects of the industry that any restaurant staff member needs to know for performing day-to-day activities with confidence in a professional manner. This guide will explain every aspect of the business for you, and we are confident that it will make your business grow and more productive.