Who are we?

RESTGU is a multi-functional platform that is created to provide the much needed guide for new and experienced restaurant owners, managers and staffs on how to initiate, manage and maintain their business. 
RESTGU guide will provide you with the basic tools, tactics and techniques. These will help you set your strategies, refresh your knowledge and make your work more enjoyable, professional and perform your work with confidence.
RESTGU Platform can be accessed by responsive website and mobile application.

How does it work?

To enjoy all the services provided by RESTGU, simply follow the steps below:
  1. Go to RESTGU.com or RESTGU.ca or download RESTGU mobile application from Apple store or Play store.
  2. Create your RESTGU account and Login
  3. You can view, browse and navigate through the RESTGU guide for free. This guide contains everything you need to know about the restaurant business. For example, we have contents on the different techniques you need to attend to your clients appropriately, preserve food, make more money, clean your tools, manage and update your business, etc.
  4. After you have finished reading RESTGU guide, we have created several test questions. These questions were developed from our guide. However, you have to pay to answer all your test questions. Once you have completed the payment, you will be directed to the test page.
  5. If you pass the test, RESTGU will issue you a completion certificate.  
Please note that you can also create a RESTGU account by downloading our mobile app for Android and iPhone from their respective stores.