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Dining in restaurants has become increasingly popular. Every year the proportion of meals consumed in restaurants grows. In some countries people spend more money in restaurants and bars than they do in grocery stores. Eating out has become common practice and there are restaurants that cater to almost every taste and budget.
Restaurant staff education and training are vital for success in the restaurant business. Improving and maintaining high standards is essential to improving customer satisfaction. High levels of performance benefit operations and boost a restaurant’s reputation. Established high standards ensure consistency in restaurant practices and maximize efficiency.
The RESTGU guide is the first step in setting the right direction for staff of the world of hospitality. This guide was written, designed and presented with meticulous attention to detail. Each chapter, page, picture and quote is directed toward increasing success. The guide will inspire, motivate and contribute to your enthusiasm for the business. The RESTGU Guide provides a complete solution for restaurant staff and restaurant owners.

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